Express Facial

Just the necessities! Cleanse, exfoliation and mask. (No extractions or massage)


40 min - $45


Classic Facial

First and second cleanse, exfoliation, light extractions, upper chest/arm/face massage and mask.

1 Hour - $80

Enzyme Facial

First and second cleanse, but exfoliation is done through a fruit enzyme treatment. Fruit enzymes are natural chemicals that provide a thorough exfoliation, but are usually gentler than rough scrubs or microdermabrasion treatments, which can be harsh, especially if you have sensitive skin. Enzymes, by their nature, do not penetrate deep into the skin, another quality that makes this type of peel effective, yet gentle.

The uppermost layer of skin is primarily made up of a protein called keratin. Enzyme peels work by hydrolyzing or breaking up this protein, removing dull, dry, damaged surface cells and impurities leaving you with softer, smoother skin.


Type of enzyme chosen upon skin type, skin concerns and sensitivities. Followed by minor extractions, massage, and mask.

1.25 Hours - $90

Anti-Aging Facial

Standard facial procedures (cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask) but using products specifically designed to help reduce the signs of aging and pigmentation associated with aging and sun damage.

1 Hour - $90

Chemical Peel

Give your skin new a"peel"! 

There is a peel for everyone out there - from acne, to pigmentation issue, to fighting fine lines and wrinkles. You will not look like you've been brutally burned or like a scaling lizard - most peels make your skin shed on a micro level that you will even be able to detect except through the results!

To see best results, 3 to 6 session every 2 to 4 weeks.

30 min - $55

set of 3 - $155

set of 6 - $300

Ultrasonic Treatment

Dermasound is an ultrasonic clinical skin treatment system that uses low frequency sound waves to perform aesthetic services in a unique and highly effective way.


The DermaSound™ Ultra system provides superior exfoliation that intensifies and enhances the peeling action of your skin blasting dead skin, excess oil and dirt out of your pores as well as deeply penetrating serums, masks and moisturizers for extreme product penetration and performance.

Products used for penetration purposes will be decided upon individual needs - acne, anti-aging, rosacea, etc.

This treatment improves all skin conditions including wrinkles, acne, rosacea and pigmentation through cavitation, sonophoresis and microcurrent. Your skin will be cleansed and then go through a 3-step process to unclogs pores, remove dead skin cells and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Can diminish scarring due to acne. Best results when done in a series.

To see best results, 3 to 6 session every 2 to 4 weeks.

60 min - $100

set of 3 - $275

set of 6 - $550




Your chose of essential oil added to your towels, water and massage. Wide range of straight scents as well as special blends by doTerra available to choose from.


Extreme Extractions

Really want to get those pesky blackheads out? Well, that takes a bit of extra time and some equipment! Special solution and the use of ultrasonic machine will power house those pores clean.


Extreme Penetration

The use of an ultrasonic machine to push hydration or anti-aging products deep into your skin.


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