Back to Basics


Dry, itchy back? Back breakouts? This is for you.


Back is cleansed, exfoliated, light extractions, massage and then mask. Bring your back up to optimal health!

1 Hour - $79


Ear Candeling/Coning

This procedure will remove unwanted ear wax, impurities and toxins from the ear. It is also alleged to contribute to greater sense of well- being as well as enhanced physical and mental health.


Simple Polish


Looking to free yourself from dry, itchy skin or just want a nice refresher without any bells and whistles?

Our Simple Polish body exfoliation treatment will combine the benefits of Dead Sea Salt and Grape Seed oil to get rid of dead skin and leave you feeling silky smooth.

1 Hour - $79


Specialty Body Polishes
Bourbon Bubbler Liquor Infused Body Treatment

An intoxicatingly decadent body scrub treatment from Farm Fresh! Brown sugar and real Kentucky whiskey combine in this rich, gingersnap-pecan scented fine body scrub. Arms, legs, back, upper chest, back and stomach are the covered areas. Shower off and then be hydrated with a Vanilla Bourbon body oil.

1 Hour - $89


Muscadine Moonshine Liquor Infused Body Treatment


This mouthwatering Muscadine Moonshine body polish is crafted with succulent Georgia muscadine grapes, sea salt harvested from U.S. shores, and Fitch's Goat Moonshine – an Austin, Texas, small batch corn distilled cocktail – with a smooth finish of butter and berries.

It creates a juicy, rich cleansing experience that stimulates your skin's renewal – leaving you soft and deliciously fragrant. Yum! Then enjoy being moisturized with a berry body butter. Product by Farm Fresh

1 hours - $89


Rasmopolitan® Liquor Infused Body Treatment

*contains organic rye
Prepare yourself for a ripe, smoothing body polish! This juicy cocktail body scrub is full of fresh raspberry notes. Crafted with Square One® brand organic vodka, raspberry extract, sugar and rice bran oil – for a sweet exfoliation that brings super softness to skin.

The naturally high vitamin-rich raspberry extract and vitamin E content in our rice bran oil hydrate skin, while the course salt and sugar grains slough away dead skin cells. Leaves a glistening, non-greasy finish that keeps winter dullness away! Then enjoy being hydrated with Raspberry Body Butter. Product by Farm Fresh

1 hours - $89